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    Our carpet cleaners will start the carpet cleaning process by first pre-vacuuming it before commencing the cleaning process. Equipped with the state-of-the-art cleaning and vacuuming equipments that delivers high pressure steam on to carpet to remove all the solid and dust particles from the carpet.


    Next step in the cleaning process is to pre-spray the carpet using one our company produced unique spray solution that is made using non-toxic products. The pre-spray process helps in loosening up the dust particles so that it can be easily removed during the cleaning process. And our pre-spray solution also comes with a deodoriser that helps in absorbing all the odor and also kills the harmful germs and bacteria.


    And before the steam cleaning process, it is important to remove the stains from your carpet. And our carpet cleaners use a unique non-toxic stain removing solution that can remove all kinds of stains including tea and coffee stains, paint, ink, rust and all other kind of stains. Even though not all stains can be removed, our carpet cleaner will put their maximum effort to remove as much stains as possible.


    The final step in our carpet cleaning process is steam cleaning as our carpet cleaners use highly-advanced and state-of-the-art steam cleaners that will remove all kinds of dust particles from your carpet and make your carpet look fresh and shiny as ever

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